Thursday, September 16, 2010

And the verdict is in

So the doctor said all my test results were pretty good. My spleen in enlarged, so he will be watching that. Also, I have fatty deposits on my liver, which he says is from being overweight, so I needed to get serious about weight loss. He will see me again in December and probably repeat all the scans. But no lesions on my organs or bones!

So I've been getting up at 5:45am every morning to work out before work. Also eating really well. I've cut out diet drinks and sweet n low.

The doctor said I can pretty much go on living life like normal. I cannot however, donate blood anymore. Aaron says he will do it in my honor, but I know how much he hates needles!!! I will probably call the blood center and see if i can volunteer to do paperwork, make phone calls, something every once in awhile.

Trying to get back to life as normal, or as normal as is possible for us! Going to the NASW conference in Houston in October, and going to stay on as NASW branch chair in the panhandle. Got Kaelyn in Kindermusik which she loves. She is doing really well in PPCD this first week! I love her teacher.

I am getting "celebratory" highlights in my hair on Saturday. I quit doing highlights about a year ago, did an all over color. But now that I know I won't have chemo and lose my hair, I am going to get some fun highlights done! And I might just go and get a pedi too!!

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  1. I am so happy for you!!!! I think celebratory highlights and pedi are definitely in order!!! I really wish I was going to the NASW conference. Next year it is in DALLAS! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!