Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick update on medical stuff

Saw my oncologist on 12/21. He's ordered another abdomen CT scan to check my spleen and an x-ray of my left ribs since they hurt off and on and especially to the touch. I go for those next Monday.

Went to a cardiologist in October for heart palpitations (PVC's). They ran a bunch of tests, including wearing a heart monitor for 7 days. I am on 50 mg. of a beta blocker. They are finally going away, I rarely feel them anymore.

Kaelyn has seen a new optometrist who says she is slightly farsighted and has astigmatism, but no need for glasses right now. We took her back to the dermatologist in Lubbock to check out a mole in her arm pit, he says its nothing to worry about right now. She now has "cookies" for her shoes-inserts to help build up her instep. She's still doing great in school and well in her therapy. She loved Christmas and her new toys/DVDs. She is going to be featured on the new website for the local Kindermusik, and her teacher is sending her pictures to a teacher on the east coast, so we'll see what comes out of that!

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